Medicare Telephone Scam

We have received a few complaints from residents regarding phone calls about Medicare payments. These calls are said to originate from area code 409 and has been a male with a foreign accent stating he needs to confirm the bank information to which Medicare payments are sent. They are giving the resident the correct bank name and  routing number in effort to appear legitimate. They then ask you to confirm your bank account number with what they have on file.



DO NOT give any personal information to anyone you suspect may be running a scam. The bank's routing number is the easiest to get and anyone can get it by calling and asking the banks. 

Medicare should be contacted if you have any questions regarding your information. If you suspect your bank account has been compromised, contact your bank immediately so they may take action to safeguard your account.

Although the call is coming from a number inside the US, most of these scams are coming from another country where there is no law making it illegal for them to do this. They will route their calls through several "GHOST" sites and may show any number on your caller I.D.

Remember, DO NOT give out information such as your SSN, Account number, credit card # or the 3 digit Authorization code (on back of card) to anyone you suspect may be trying to scam you. Some will be very convincing and call you by name. Don't let this fool you, all they need to do is search towns on the internet and get names and addresses.